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Masonic Gifts

MUGS (personalization Available )

available in colors shown and more



Masonic Aprons


Masonic Carry Cases

Carry Cases


Neck ID Holder

Masonic Walking Cane

The walking cane measures 36 1/2", is made from metal with a rubber stopper at the bottom of the cane, and a solid silver plated handle. The handle features the moon and sun symbols, as well as the Masonic Square and Compasses Seal. The durable powder coated finish will protect the shaft of the cane for years.


Shaped in the Masonic Square and Compasses Symbol with the G at the top of the knife (honoring the Great Architect) this stainless steel pocket knife has a unique open and fold design.


Masonic Jewlery

Masonic Jewelry


Masonic Apparel



Agenda Planner

Note Book Planner

W/ Replaceable 8½ x 11 note pad

Customized Note Planner

W/ Replaceable 8½ x 11 note pad

Masonic Pen

A beautiful gift for any occasion

(One line engraved on pen Included FREE SHIPPING)

Deluxe Sword

The guard is a well decorated piece with Malta symbol on front and back.
The blade has intricate artwork on both sides of the blade.
The blade is mirror polished and has a double edge and a long central-ridge line on both sides.
This ornamental sword comes equipped with a metal scabbard.
The scabbard is accented with a very detailed Art in a gold & Silver-tone.


$17.00 $20.00 $6.00 $30.00 $35.00 $6.00

Utility Kits (Holds 3 Flasks)

Embroidered - $20.00

Plain - $15.00

Colors: Black, Red. White, Purple & Gold

$20.00 $30.00 $25.00 $25.00 $20.00 $85.00

Genuine Leather Masonic Wallet  

Masonic Square & Compass embossed on the front of wallet.

Two Cash Compartments.

Name included on the inside.

Wallet comes in a Beautiful Gift Box.


$25.00 $25.00

Customized Note Planner

This Note pad has a zipper closure,  Multiple Pockets, Calculator and Replaceable 8½ x 11 note pad

(Personalized Name Incudeded in Price)

21" Masonic Dagger

Rendition of the Masonic sword is uniquely done into a dagger

The detail is fantastic with black and gold decoration on the scabbard

Overall Length: 21 1/4" out of scabbard: 19 3/4"

▪ Blade Length: 13 1/4"

▪ Blade Material: 440 Stainless    Steel